Tag : wood

03 / 02 / 2012


9 Macro Distressed Wood Textures

This set contains 9 different macro wood textures taken from various locations. They vary from slightly cracked and peeling, to completely rotted through.

01 / 17 / 2012


6 Soft Organic Grunge Textures

These six versatile new textures were created by combining earthy elements such as wood, trees, long grass, and other natural materials.

09 / 13 / 2011


5 Black and White Grunge Textures

These hi-res black and white grunge textures will add some instant grit and personality to your work. Each one is 3000×3800.

08 / 24 / 2011


Old Salt: 16 Historic Textures from a Nautical Boneyard

This beautiful collection of nautical grunge comes from Newport, Rhode Island. You can almost smell the ocean when looking at some of these.

07 / 12 / 2011


13 Cracked & Peeling Wood Textures with Photoshop Brushes

I’m excited to introduce my first dual texture/brushes package. This pack contains some great wood textures, as well as corresponding PS brushes to go along with each…

05 / 02 / 2011


8 Wood Textures with Personality

This is a wood texture pack that has personality. Inside are eight different textures, ranging in attitude, that you will find useful as stand-alone textures or as parts of a larger build.