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04 / 08 / 2014


7 Pink Cosmic Bokeh Textures

Enter a new set of images that shines with life, motion, and vibrant color. The shallow depth of field and bokeh characteristics give this set endless possibilities.

07 / 16 / 2013


7 Noisy Neon Grunge Textures

These textures started off as microscopic photos of sugar mixed with food coloring (perhaps coming out in the future). After pushing the colors and adding some simple grunge and noise, we have our finished result.

04 / 03 / 2013


7 Grindhouse-Inspired Textures

This set was a bit of spontaneous creation based on a few characteristics of the grindhouse cinema aesthetic.

03 / 07 / 2013


12 Microscopic Bubble Textures

These textures were made using a microscope slide that contained water, dish soap, and coffee grounds.

03 / 01 / 2013


11 Microscopic Burned Film Textures

Burned film on its own is quite gorgeous. Put it under a microscope, and the beauty increases infinitely.

11 / 12 / 2012


10 Artificial Crystalline Textures

After taking a look at a year-old milk-filled microscope slide, I noticed the great shapes and texture that had formed…

11 / 07 / 2012


7 Abstract Noisy Stripe Textures

The source of these textures is a microscopic view of Chap Stick smear on a microscope slide.

09 / 14 / 2012


5 Abstract Hazy Textures

These textures aim to create an ambiguous atmosphere of haze and mystery.